Welcome to Tega Cay Pharmacy

We are a full-service, independent pharmacy focused on personalized attention. In fact, each time you come into our store, you will be greeted by a professional staff of familiar faces. We work to know your name and needs. And we always have time for questions or guidance.

About Us

Our mission is steadfast: Every patient that enters Tega Cay Pharmacy is treated as an individual and deserves to receive the time and expertise of the staff.

Fort Mill is your home and ours. We are not a chain, but rather a locally-owned pharmacy vested in our community and the families who live here.

Our pharmacy provides prescriptions, over-the-counter products, preventive vaccines and more. Call, stop in or read more on our website to discover what makes Tega Cay Pharmacy the right choice for you.

Medications are necessary for acute and chronic conditions. If medications are not taken the way they are prescribed it is possible to have negative effects. If an antibiotic is stopped when a person feels better instead of the full treatment dose the residual bacteria can mutate and become resistant to the antibiotic. The next infection may require a stronger antibiotic and thus decrease options for treatment. Someone who is non compliant with their blood pressure medication may not feel the ill effects but the varying pressure in the vascular system can cause stress and damage to the heart that may require additional treatment or cause permanent damage. Compliance is the key to a positive outcome. Read the box or talk to me, your pharmacist.

Tega Cay Independent Pharmacy